Tuesday, October 17, 2006

While on the subject of Wireless Tech...

There is an article on cnet.com on the subject of USB (Universal Serial Bus) and the slow transition to UWB or "ultrawideband. Maybe the most valuable part, aside from shedding the litany of cables surrounding nearly everything I own, is this:
UWB technology can deliver data rates at up to 480 megabits per second at around 3 meters, with speeds dropping off as the range grows to a limit of about 10 meters. Real-world speeds will probably be a little slower, but this is as fast as the wired version of USB 2.0 and much faster than current Wi-Fi networks are capable of transmitting data.
Oh, and maybe this, if you're a gadget person like me:
MP3 players are another potentially big market for this technology, Broockman said. Microsoft's Zune player is going to ship with a 802.11g Wi-Fi chip later this year, allowing two Zune users to share songs. But Certified Wireless USB is much faster and uses less power than Wi-Fi, he said.
Thoughts? Predictions? Anyone know how much this is going to cost??? -colin


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